National Three Peaks

For National Three Peaks Challenge participants who organise their own logistics we would recommend a either guide for Scafell Pike, or a training day to familiarise yourself with the route.

As the lowest of the Three Peaks at 978m, Scafell Pike is often assumed to be the easiest part of the Challenge, in fact it is probably the hardest.

Having already climbed one mountain, participants attempt Scafell Pike in darkness or fading light. At around 6-700m, low cloud becomes the norm turning the Hollow Stones boulder field into a navigational labyrinth. The final ascent is on unclear paths up steep, broken ground, often in cloud and exposed to cold winds off the Irish Sea.

The descent present even bigger challenges. The combination of fatigue, bad visibility and cold can cause participants to become disoriented and take the wrong path off the summit ending up in the accident blackspot of Mickledore Col or, even worse, in Piers Gill.

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